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Update on my Fast Fourier Transformation library

You can find my FFT library on github now :

Since I started my PSVita FFT homebrew, I’ve added three things:

  • I’ve added a function to convert the amplitude values to decibel through a 20*log() function.
  • I’ve added windowing, through a function that pre-computes a lookup table. You can now choose between 7 different windowing functions:
    • Rectangular window
    • Triangular window
    • Hanning window
    • Hamming window
    • Blackman window
    • Nuttall window
    • Flat top window
  • There are 3 important defines that need to be set: FFT_POINT, FFT_POINT_2, FFT_STAGES. These have now received a default value of respectively 512, 256 and 9. These can be set through the Makefile or through the CMakeLists file if you want more or less points.

Don’t forget to read the README file for more info.

The library is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, for more info see the LICENSE file.

– pyroesp

FFT Library

I’ve always been interested in making an Fast Fourier Transform library. So, I made one after I learned about it from a teacher.

Once I know how to add a zip file, I’ll add a download link here.

Stay tuned.