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Hi, my name is Nicolas Lopez Fernandez.

I’m a Spanish, 26 year old guy who lives in Belgium and has a passion about electronics and programming.
I speak 4 different languages: French, Dutch, Spanish and English.

I first started electronics in 2006, in the Don Bosco Technisch Instituut in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe.
One day, I was bored and having the TI83+, I searched how to make little programs on it. That’s how I learned Basic.
Later, I came across a very well written French tutorial on how to program in C.
For the next couple of month I’d been learning how to program in C.

A year or so later, one of my teachers talked about microcontrollers and how you could use C to program them.
I’ve done some research and found Matrix Multimedia.
Matrix Multimedia has been working on Flowcode for as long as I’ve known about them. They’re currently working on their sixth version!
Not only do they have a graphical programming language, but they also made their own programmer and other cool hardware which they call E-blocks.
Every E-block can be plugged into their programmer, which made connections to the on-board microcontroller so easy. I didn’t have to do any kind of hardware on breadboard or PCB to have a working project.

So in 2008 (I think) I bought Flowcode v3 for Microchip PIC microcontrollers, with their programmer and some E-blocks and started playing around with them.
In 2009 I made my final years project with Flowcode. It was a clock using a DCF77 module.

In 2010 I went to Campus De Nayer in Sint-Katelijne-Waver for a Professional Bachelor degree in Electronics-ICT, where I’ve learned a lot of cool stuff.
Now, in 2013, I graduated and got my diploma for a Professional Bachelor degree in Electronics-ICT, specialization electronics.

I’ve always wanted to have my own website where I could post some cool projects I’ve been working on. I finally have one!

I hope you’ll enjoy the projects and other stuff I post on here.


– pyroesp

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